Do you think organisational culture can change from the bottom up?

Traditionally speaking the culture of an organisation is set by the CEO with a ripple effect from the hierarchy down. So, do you think it’s possible to change the culture from the bottom up?

I recently observed an organisation who, in an attempt to change culture, recruited three new admin officers. This tactic was an attempt to resolve some internal ‘storming’.

I wonder if these changes are sustainable. Will these changes trigger operational and managerial long term leadership? Read More

5 Tips on Mentorship. Who is your life Mentor?

40 Years between Cath & I has been the best gift of all.

Six years ago I was blessed to meet a special friend. We met as participants of a regional leadership program in Victoria, Australia. Better still, one day we were matched as mentors for each other by our facilitator Jill (a big thanks to Jill). The day this happened my friend Cath and I shared a giggle. One of the youngest participants at 24 years (me) was being matched with the oldest participant at 64 years. Little did we know that having 40 years between us, would be the biggest gift of all.
Read More

Why the comfort zone,consistency & routine should be embraced

If I utter to you ‘comfort zone, consistency & routine’ it’s more than likely it they would all be greeted with negative responses. The notion of being in a comfortable state of mind is commonly seen as something you should strive to break.

But why is being in your comfort zone frowned upon? Why is routine seen as lacking ambition? How come being consistent at something is seen as underperforming?

All three seem to be common in both your work life and your home life. I have often asked myself whether I should break my comfort zone and have actually used the ‘What is my comfort zone’ calculator created by Marcus Taylor.

But should we continue to view these as a negative? Are those dreams and aspirations we are striving towards in reality with what we are living just boxed up a little different? Let me dissect this for you. Read More

When Job Hopping Makes Sense. My strategic guide to hopping early in your career

You mention the term ‘job hopping’ and the majority of people will tell you it’s a bad idea. You have to ‘pay your dues’ in the workplace!

According to the study by ‘Future Workplace’ the majority of Millennials expect to stay in their job less than 3 years. This constitutes to over 15-20 job roles throughout one’s career. Quite different to the one job and retirement strategy typically adopted by our parents.

But is job hopping really all that bad today? You have to suggest not. Economic instability and being raised within a world of such financial confusion has led to this strategic approach to finding the right role or making advancements within your career. Settling down and finding a company you can stick with long term is not the primary goal of millennials of today. Read More

HOW to use your lunch break more effectively every single day!

Many see the lunch break as a time to down tools, relax and shoot the breeze with your colleagues. Of course from time to time this is a superb way to spend your lunch break. Taking that time to socialise with those around you makes for a better working environment and a more engaged workforce long term.

The lunch break however is approximately 5 hours a week where you have time afforded to you to do other things other than be on the clock at work. It’s precious time you should utilise in a whole host of different ways. Read More

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