Generation Y are entering the business world….

Do you know how to retain these key millennials?

People always wonder where the term ‘Generation Y’ stems from and how to define this specific term. Generation Y refers to the specific generation born between the 1980’s to the early 1990’s and was the term given to this Generation after proceeding Generation X.

Millenials, Y Generation, Generation We, Echo boomers and many more terms have been used to describe the generation. Let’s just say many hats are worn when defining this specific age category. The name echo boomers derives from the size of the specific generation in relation to the Baby boomers generation given the global increase in births between 1980’s to the 1990’s. The parents of the Echo Boomers are typically those born within the baby boomers generation hence the correlation between names.

The term Generation Y is used worldwide however defining the birth dates causes much debate globally. The US, Canada, Australia and the UK all have a variety of years difference when statistically analysing this generation. The Australian Bureau of statistics class Generation Y as a child born between 1983 – 2000 whereas the UK & US tend to classify the generation as between 1980-1990’s. The debate continues.

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