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Alexandra Baiz, HR Business Partner at T-Mobile. From Venezuela to the United States.

Alexandra Baiz, HR Specialist at Diageo. Alexandra is originally from Venezuela but currently resides in the US.

Read Alex’ perspective on how she thinks Gen Y believes there is NOTHING impossible

Alexandra, what do you consider typical characteristics of your generation?
We are a fast pace generation, we need things to happen immediately. We need to have challenges and they need to be fulfilling, if not it is just a waste of time and we hate to waste time. We value ourselves and our personal goals are sacred. Most importantly, we all believe in changing the world to make it a better place, free of violence and racism. We are the generation that believes there is NOTHING impossible, the generation that pursues dreams and follows their passion, because that is what drive us: Our Passion!

What do you expect from corporate leadership in today’s business world?
I expect a leadership culture that understands the world is changing and we need to shift from the old-fashioned hierarchical models to the creative technological new ways of doing business. The control freaks are out, this is a new world, where everything needs to be done in a simpler, faster and better way without bureaucracy interfering.

What engages you most in the workplace and what makes you go the extra mile?
Personally, I need to feel that the job I am doing is impactful and meaningful; more than that, the culture and values of the organization need to be aligned with mine. In everything I do, I go the extra mile, it is just in my nature; but of course, there are things that make me go even further and the reason behind it is the passion and how much I believe in the objective that I am pursuing. After all, you take the extra mile for the things that really matter to you, not because of recognition, but because of personal fulfillment.

Alexandra Baiz, HR Specialist at Diageo. Alexandra is originally from Venezuela but currently resides in the US.

Alexandra Baiz, HR Specialist at Diageo. Alexandra is originally from Venezuela but currently resides in the US.

What is your preferred way to communicate in the workplace?
Office communicator or via email, sometimes even a WhatsApp message. But those can never substitute a phone call or face-to-face interaction, which is still the best way to communicate.

How does your ideal workplace physically look like?
It is an open, big, simple, modern and well-illuminated place.

What kind of development opportunities do you expect to be offered by your employer?
My own development plan: a plan that really expresses my personal goals and connects them with the business objectives. My development plan should be a motivating one, a plan that really challenges me, not small tasks. I need challenges, not tasks. Those development plans where you can only see organizational objectives minimized to functional unfulfilling tasks are not inspiring nor even appealing; and we Gen Yers need to feel the eagerness of creating new ways, generating ideas and then turning them into possibilities, into something feasible! Connect the challenge with my passion and you’ll be developing me!

Please complete this sentence: For me, my job is…
… a remarkable footprint, an inspiring example: where my passion and my skills meet up!

What are the priorities during this phase of your life?
My priority is finding my work-life-balance. I believe that is the most important thing, there has to be room not only for professional growth, but also to be able to grow yourself, to find the space to be more involved in your community, to spend time with your family, with your significant other, with your network. Finding joy in the little things, cherish life and enjoy your time. Everything is about balance!

What historic events, values or philosophies have influenced you most to become the person you are today? How did they shape you?
Current events and my background: I believe there is no better political system than democracy! I am from Venezuela, and that has given me a socio-political sense on how dangerous the hunger for power can be, it can destroy an entire country, leading it to a harmful social resentment. I can’t think of a historic event that influenced me more than Chavez’ dictatorship. Life under Chavez’ regime made me realize how important it is to have a well educated society. The tool to fight against poverty and today’s social inequity is education; with that there is no way anyone can applaud or praise a dictatorship system that is by all means abusive and violates human rights. That has shaped me into a believer in all democratic and social causes, it is my pending assignment of course at my own scale: contribute to social and political causes.

What do you wish your colleagues from other generations would know about Gen Y?
That we are passionate, determined and direct people: we follow our hunches and intuition. We are fearless people, we know no frontiers and we value networking and trust it! We found bureaucracy a useless way to work and hierarchy is just an invention for shy people. We need space for creativity, personal growth and technology!

Thank you, Alexandra, for these valuable insights!

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