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Cristian Miquel Munizaga, Legal And New Media Advisor With RH Management Magazine In Chile.

Cristian, what do you consider typical characteristics of your generation
My generation is a free generation. The economic stability that we have experienced gave us a sense of security and liberation from the chains of some jobs. I am a lawyer and I currently work freelance with RH Management in a way that no lawyer of previous generations would have done. My fields of learning are unlimited, I believe that my generation considers that all knowledge is connected in some way; the urgent need to be specialized is a myth. We are multi-everything.

What do you expect from corporate leadership in today’s business world?
I expect understanding. I expect the vision of dealing with a multi-self-generation. The world is rapidly changing, and the only way to keep up is to hear what we, the people living the real life outside of the business world, are learning, doing, hoping.

What engages you most in the workplace and what makes you go the extra mile?
What engages me are the big ideas, the projects that go beyond the financial gain and have some impact on different dimensions of the social world where our magazine is inserted in. We are connected and we have a responsibility for the country and its future. In my case, leading new ideas in workforce management is a certain way of changing reality for the better. The magazine has an ethical guidance that inspires me every day. Also I get to learn, write and investigate new ideas that I have never considered before.

What is your preferred way to communicate in the workplace?
I always prefer e-mail. I use a lot of gmail and for co-editing Google drive is my choice. When I’m on the street whatsapp is a great way of keeping in touch with my co-workers.

How does your ideal workplace physically look like?
The ideal workplace is a place that is not a prison of ideas and bodies. A place where I can move, go out, make my mind work by taking a walk and having a team of people that are whole, complex and with whom I can have an interesting chat, every day. New ideas and great projects do not appear sitting still in front of a computer screen; they come from your life, your experimentation, your mistakes and your freedom at work.

What kind of development opportunities do you expect to be offered by your employer?
The possibility of continuing my studies is necessary for me. I expect from my employer to give me the flexibility needed to do my job and studies equally well.

Please complete this sentence: For me, my job is…
… a way of achieving my ethical responsibility with the destiny of workers and companies, spreading new and radical ideas that will achieve not only better practices and productivity for business in this brave new world, but also great happiness and development for us, the workforce.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?
I do not put one over the other, I certainly perform better in my job when I feel complete and happy in my personal dimension and vice versa. We are unitary beings, and it’s an illusion and dangerous to pretend to completely separate both aspects of life.

Generation Y Cristian Miquel Munizaga, Legal and New Media Advisor with RH Management Magazine in Chile.

Generation Y Cristian Miquel Munizaga, Legal and New Media Advisor with RH Management Magazine in Chile.

Given the world’s current political and economic situation, what’s your personal outlook for the next decade? What will be the main challenges for corporations and their leaders?
Their main challenge is to open up, talk to us and listen. The old way of corporations as close castles of industrial secrets is dead. They need to come down and talk. From the real world these corporations will learn what is needed and what’s up next. It’s the only way. This is also important to get to the hearts of people, connect with communities becoming borderless.

What do you wish your colleagues from other generations would know about Gen Y?
Trust us. We may do things in a different way, we may work at different time and places, but we get the job done and if we feel happy, free and trusted, you can only win. Always learn to listen, because we grew up in a non-traditional environment that will make your business grow: internet. We know how to surf it.

Thank you, Cristian, for these valuable insights!

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