Fill Your Cup Of Life And Filter Your Contents

Two Hands Holding a Cup of Coffee with quote 'Fill Your Cup With Life And Filter Your Contents

Whether you are a Gen Y or work with a Gen Y, can you share this image and tell us what you observe, think or feel about this image?

About the author

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a content and enthusiastic mother of 3 children (3,5,6) who with her husband live in central NSW on a mixed farming enterprise, primarily sheep, cattle and cropping. Penny loves being engaged and involved with the local community and is on several committees of various natures. Coming from an Agribusiness background Penny spent most of her career in many location throughout Australian with a focus on Wool, rural merchandise, livestock and finance. She feels blessed to be able to focus on raising her children as a stay at home mum but with the opportunity to be actively involved in elements of farming with her 'little helpers'.

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