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Building Y Networks – How We Put Our Vision Into Photos?

We could visualise what pictures we wanted for our Gen Y Lounge cover images. Watch our 1 minute video to see how we got there on.

If you are a Gen Y or work with a Generation Y, the Gen Y Lounge is aimed to bring you together to discuss workforce tactics. This is our story on bringing our cover photo for the Gen Y Lounge to Life.

Thank You… Thank You

A huge thank you to the volunteer models, Amanda, Manny, Kansas, Wendy, Amy, Cass, James, Mark, Chanda, Deb, Hugh and my partner Matt who was my assistant. Thank you to Nat from Manifeasto Photography who not only took some fabulous photo’s but also wrote a blog post on the project here.

Another thanks goes to Plush Furniture store for allowing us to use their space for the photoshoot and To Sandra Martin – Image Consultant for lending some items.

About the author

Lisa Mangelsdorf

I confess that I work to live rather than live to work. But when I can combine my passions into my work, I work best. This blog brings together discussions about one of my passions which is connecting people. I endeavour to fight the norm by chasing flexible working options and change seekers, hence my involvement with this blog. I'm fortunate to be connected with a global team at GAIA Insights. Retaining Gen Y within the workforce is an issue for most businesses across the globe. For help contact us because we know EXACTLY what they want from the workplace and we can help your business retain that key talent.

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