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Gen Y’s continue to be one of the most talked about generations in history. Mass media continues to cover millennials in society, within the workplace as well as social habits. Essentially millennials continue to gather pace in everyday society.

I spend considerable hours researching my generation including blogs, social media chats and of course in a traditional sense research papers and books. I have therefore compiled some of the best books available on my focus area; Y in the workplace. Not only this but I am proud to announce my inclusion in what will be the most comprehensive Generation Y book on the market. A book on millennials by millennials. Enjoy!

Understanding Y: **Pre Order Now!**

25 chapters delve into the inner most workings of the Gen Y – what makes them tick, how to motivate, manage and collaborate with the Millennial Generation, all of which are authored by the multitude of Gen Y thought leaders, Business Entrepreneurs and Social commentators, providing readers with a valuable insight into the Gen Y paradigm.

Understanding Y has been written by an exclusive collection of some of the world’s greatest thought leaders on Gen Y behaviours and by some of the most successful Gen Y’s in existence.

With a new breed of the entrepreneurial, social media savvy “Generation Me”; readers will attain a greater appreciation of the collective psychology of this enigmatic progeny of X’s and Boomers. What do they care about?

How to motivate/lead/inform/educate/integrate and associate with this unparalleled generation of young people, bursting with self-confidence, prepared to take on challenges, used to communicating effectively across multiple channels, with extremely high expectations for their futures – including their careers.

I am proud to contribute ‘Y Work’ as a chapter within the up and coming book concentrating on millennials in the workplace. The launch date is scheduled for July 2014.

The book is now available for Pre Order. Buy Now!

Books Available Now

Understanding Y in the workplace is the buzz term at the moment. HR departments, business leaders and analysts are trying to identify what makes millennials tick and how to retain them. Throughout the site I try to identify key tips and ideas of how to retain your key talent however I always recommend extra reading.

The below books I have personally read and recommend immensely. Not only are they the best available Y in the workplace reference points but they are also written by incredible people.  I have taken the time to link  you to the best 5 books available. Furthermore I have also included the Twitter profiles of the authors. These individuals are worth a follow and investment into their material is essential. Happy reading.

Title: How to Manage Generation Y: Not everyone gets a trophy.
Author: Bruce Tulgan

Title: Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business
Author: Jason Ryan Dorsey

Title: Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation
Author: Nicole A. Lipkin

Title: Plugged In: The Generation Y Guide to Thriving at Work
Author: Tamara Erickson

Title: Managing the Millennials: Discover the Core Competencies for Managing Today’s Workforce
Author: Chip Espinoza

About the author

Lisa Mangelsdorf

I confess that I work to live rather than live to work. But when I can combine my passions into my work, I work best. This blog brings together discussions about one of my passions which is connecting people. I endeavour to fight the norm by chasing flexible working options and change seekers, hence my involvement with this blog. I'm fortunate to be connected with a global team at GAIA Insights. Retaining Gen Y within the workforce is an issue for most businesses across the globe. For help contact us because we know EXACTLY what they want from the workplace and we can help your business retain that key talent.

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