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Before embarking on my new career journey and working from home and embracing my gen y beliefs it’s essential to make sure the conditions you work within are comfortable for working within. Not only this, it’s essential to make sure the boundaries between work and living are firmly separated so that the working environment is established from day one. Furthermore to truly embrace your inner coolness and inner gen y you need a rock star office space right?

Having an office space which is well organised, comfortable, well lit and spacious will breed productivity. It’s not a necessity but it helps greatly with making the transition to home work possible. Working from home can be difficult if you don’t have a specific office space.  Everyone has the vision of a generation y with his feet up not actually working because they are at home but by establishing a real working set up home workers can out work those within an office environment.

It’s actually funny when people at my current role ask about my new job and scoff when I say I will be working from home. The irony of this is I will actually get more work done from my home office as my office space will be far better than my current space.  My current space is without windows (yes windows), I have a small desk, one monitor and a very uncomfortable chair. It’s strange how you worry about working from home yet your conditions are typically far better than the offices you work in.

 Gen Y Advice:
I have history of working within a large corporate organisation and although they try and embrace the Gen Y culture it’s actually the work force who frown upon Gen Y characteristics. Working from home is met with the same ‘Are you sure you actually work when at home?’ You can dispel this mind set through creating an office space better than your current office space. By doing this you have more power of persuasion of your current manager in why you should be allowed to work from home.

It’s a simple discussion point really ‘Hey Mr Smith. Would I possibly be able to work from home twice a week? I will cut down on commute time, water cooler moments and I have this rock star office to work in which offers much more comfort and space than our work office’. Ok maybe not in those words but that’s exactly how I would approach the conversation. Make the decision for your management by setting it clear in their head your working conditions at home. Oh and work your socks off J Productivity through the roof will always persuade them that working from home is the way forward.

Current Office State:
My current office is pretty good but not quite set up for working from home. In order to really create a perfect working atmosphere I will be working on my office to make it perfect for when I take the role and work from home permanently.

Home Office

Home Office 2

Home Office 3

We all need inspiration so I have collated some of the best examples of home offices. Some go for pure simplicity whereas others offer real impact. I will be using some of the examples below to bring pure comfort and productivity to my home office.

30 Awesome home office set ups:



Top 96 Kick ass home office set ups:

Professional Style Office Set Up


15 best looking home offices:

Home Office Ideas



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