Leading in a Multi-Generational Workplace

The different age groups in your workplace is one aspect of diversity. Understanding the generational belonging in your organization can give you additional insights on how you can be more inclusive. Below is a 47-minute podcast where three (3) experts; Becky A. Thomas -Next Generation Coach, Stacee Hasenbalg – Chief Compliance Officer and Marieke Grondstra – Founder, Generation Storm shares best practices and lessons learned when leading in a multi-generational workplace. This panel is moderated by Peg Rowe, Managing Partner with Tiara International LLC.

This podcast was brought to you by Andrea Henning and her team at Tiara Leadership. Andrea is an expert coach for GAIA Insights and you can read Andrea’s full bio here. Furthermore, you can read about Andrea’s work on her teams website Tiara Leadership

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Generations Based Marketing

Learn more on how you can connect generations in your workplace by visiting our NEXTGEN – Connecting Generations web page powered by GAIA Insights.

About the author

Andrea Henning

Andrea is a certified trainer and coach and holds various licenses for team coaching. It is Andrea Henning’s vision that when people discover their authenticity and dare to follow their bliss they are happier and more successful in their lives while serving as an inspiration to their communities.

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