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11 Of The Best Legitimate Work From Home Friendly Roles

‘Quit your cubicle lifestyle now and work from home and earn £££££££££££££’

…..How many times have you heard that? Truth be told there’s so many scam dream makers out there that it’s hard to believe that real working from home opportunities exist. How many websites have you come across which tell you how easy it is to set up a business or ‘make money online’. This doesn’t even touch the whole ‘stuffing envelopes’ episode.

The chances of us all having careers where we live off a single website or our passive income are few and far between. Essentially by entertaining this as a potential prospect we are lining the pockets of those who have already made it and want to facilitate their income by telling you how to ‘make money online’. It’s just a machine where many fail and very few succeed. The harsh reality is that those who make it either have ‘that idea’ or get a ‘lucky break’. The rest of those trying to capture the dream never quite reach those dizzy heights.

Gain the skills set instead of seeking a role:

Instead of seeking the next big ‘make money online’ venture or ‘scam’ role why not seek to gain genuine skills which may grant you an opportunity to work from home? There’s a huge misconception that the ability to work from home is down to the job when essentially you can facilitate such an opportunity by having the right skills set to match these working from home opportunities which may arise.

Furthermore you may already be in such a role or have such skills where this is possible and it simply comes down to convincing your boss that home working is right for you. The reason most companies don’t actively have staff members working from home is because they’ve never been asked. Chances are that if you did ask and made a great case as to why you wanted to work from home that there’s a strong possibility this would be granted in some capacity.

But what if you are currently in a role which would prevent working from home from been possible? There’s a chance you will need to retrain in order to gain these skills. Retraining may sound like a drag however working from home roles are predominantly online based which is here to stay so retraining could be the start of a very bright future.

Of course this isnot the definitive list but if you’re looking for legitimate ways to seal a job role which allows for working from home then having skills in these areas will help significantly in achieving this goal.



Copywriters continue to become increasingly popular.

The web is growing significantly year on year and more companies are investing in the web as their primary sales channel.With this products need descriptions writing, blogs need posts collating and companies need web site copy creating. Arise the army of copywriters and job roles looking for content writers.

What’s more of a viable working from home opportunity than writing for a living? If you have a passionate for writing and grasp of the English language then this is a legitimate career path for you and one of which the demand will continue to rise. This can be approached in two ways; freelance or full time. With content marketing services like Copify & ContentNow you can begin such a career relatively easy (as long as you can write).

Marketing agencies throughout the globe are also always on the lookout for content writers and even if they don’t offer working from home opportunities initially it’s the exact role where home working shouldn’t be a problem.

Virtual Assistants/Personal Assistants:

The hiring of virtual assistants is popular for those running small businesses to outsource menial tasks or work which is proving difficult. Virtual assistants work in the same way as a normal everyday PA and can be a vital cog in a small business machine. There are companies who specialise in offering virtual assistants globally to other businesses. Think of yourself as a contractor almost.

You may also be a personal assistant for a business leader who commonly travels globally. Do you need to be in the office as long as you can control his calendar, be available for all calls and make sure he/she runs smoothly and efficiently? Given the nature of a personal assistants role it’s such an opportunity which could be managed from any location.


Home Tutoring

Perfect for former Teachers

The hiring of home tutors is becoming increasingly popular. This opens the door for further home working roles. Home tutoring is seen as a viable career path for retired teachers or those who have a young family and require flexible working conditions. Home tutoring typically takes place on either an evening or a weekend and is a fantastic home working opportunity.

Many supply teachers also partake in home tutoring to supplement their income.  Spending your whole working career in the classroom can be extremely stressful for those within the teaching profession whereas tutoring can offer the teacher the ability to see progression on a child by child basis. Home tutors can charge anywhere between £16-25 an hour with a maximum of 3 children per 2 hour session.


Virtual teachers and online courses are becoming increasingly popular.  The advancements in technology and internet connections have created opportunities for teachers to work virtually and for students to learn from distance. With school budgets decreasing it’s difficult for schools (especially secondary) to employ full time members of staff for all courses they offer.

This allows teachers to work virtually for more than one school and work on a contractual basis. This enables the teacher to work from the comfort of their own home while still maintaining teaching excellence.

This of course depends on the subject you teach. A Maths teacher is highly unlikely to achieve such a role whereas a Psychology teacher may have the ability to work remotely.



Optimising websites may be your game?

Search engine optimisation is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine. It is said to be one of the fastest growing careers in the world given the Web focus most companies now have.

As a home working SEO I can personally vouch for this as a viable career opportunity. SEO’s work solely online therefore it is not a requirement to be office based. SEO can also be self taught via a number of fantastic resource the best of been the Free beginner guide by SEOMoz. You may use your SEO knowledge to create your own small business; furthermore you may apply the knowledge and offer your services to other small businesses. Essentially the opportunities are endless within the organic search market.

Given there is no required University qualification it’s a clear path for those looking for a legitimate home working opportunity. Ian Nuttall owner of Web Design website OpenDesigns is a self taught SEO who managed to secure an opportunity within the industry.



Short for pay per click, PPC is an Internet marketing formula used to price online advertisements. In PPC programs the online advertisers will pay Internet Publishers the agreed upon PPC rate when an ad is clicked on, regardless if a sale is made or not.

Paid search ad’s are typically found on the right hand side of a search engine. Given Google retain a 90% market share of search and this is their core revenue model then the demand for Paid search professionals will continue to increase.

Similar to SEO qualifications can be gained without having a degree. Google actually have their own examination process where you can become a Google Adwords professional by passing online examinations. Online advertising is now accounts for the highest advertising spend and this will also continue to increase as more businesses become online orientated.

Paid search is a solely online based job role. Given many larger organisations higher professional agencies to manage their paid search (who happen to be not office based of course) it’s clear to see how this can become a viable role for those looking for home working opportunities.

Web Designer/Developers:

Web Design

Aspirations to be a Web Designer?

Similar to  the other cited online profession; Web developers and designers can be self taught and it is arguably the best route for becoming skilled within this area. Given the advancements in programs, language types and so forth University courses can quickly become dated meaning your skills learnt might not be enough to earn you a job within this profession.

Web Designers and Developers largely live by their portfolio. If the portfolio shows the right qualities then you are more likely to gain a role. Developers and Designers are predominantly web based (other than some initial sketches/ideas) which makes it a role which can be quite easily done while working from home. Furthermore there is a growing trend of Freelance Designers and Developers meaning you can become self employed from your home. Again given the web focus of most organisations it’s unlikely to lose pace as a

Sales Reps:

Not strictly home based all the time however Sales representatives and home work is on the rise. Given those who work in sales have to visit clients on a regular basis it makes absolutely no sense for them to be office based. Due to this more sales representatives are home based when they are not visiting clients.

There is no need for businesses to waste office space for ‘road based’ employee’s so there is a rise in Sales roles which are home based.



Maybe becoming a Home working Translator is for you?

With the advancements in technologies, the drive to web for Global businesses the need for Translators is on the rise. Many professional translators work ‘freelance’ from the comfort of their home and will be hired by specialist translation agencies.

With online advertising now becoming the fastest growing advertising channel the requirement for location specific material is higher than ever.  Pay per click ad’s, website material and online properties all require local translations, especially for businesses trading Globally.

Becoming a Translator is not as easy as ‘speaking another language’. There are certifications, exams and the need for some experience before you can seal a role. It’s a relatively crowded market however the requirement for good translators will continue to rise. The great thing about becoming a translator is that you can be set up and ready to work with a computer, an internet connection, Microsoft office suite and a mobile phone. All you need  then is a relaxed office space and you will be ready to work.

Graphics Designer:

Whether you work for a graphics design agency, in house for an organisation or freelance for a number of small/mid sized businesses graphics design is an excellent profession for those who want to work from home in a legitimate long term career.
One would argue that for a graphics designer to be at their best they need a quiet atmosphere to bring out their creativity.

A graphics designer role is perfect for home working as it’s an entirely web based job role. Briefs can be sent via email and discussions can take place via Skype meaning the need for this to be office based is null and void.

The most attractive aspect of a Graphics Designer role is that it can all be self taught via fantastic internet tutorials. Graphics designers like Chris Spooner are largely self taught and continue to offer some of the best advice available. Blogs are also regularly updated and keep up with technology advancements.

A graphics designer can forge a career within the industry by having a strong portfolio, attention to detail and a creative eye.

Business Owner:

This might sound like a strange option but actually becoming a business owner can be one of the best opportunities to work from home. The skills required are also extremely varied and can fall under any profession. You may want to start up a remote working PR firm or you may have a home based Dog grooming service. Running your own business is a great step to securing home working.

Most people start home businesses as a way to secure the lifestyle they crave. Furthermore owning a business allows you to hold your future destiny in your own hands. If you want the business to retain its small and personal status as a ‘home’ business then you can. If you want to grow the business then equally you can look at that too. Most business types can be ran from home with a bit of creativity and a clear business plan.

My parents successfully ran a Contract cleaning service from our home until it was time to expand. Setting up from home  minimizes the risk attached to starting  a business as well focusing on the lifestyle change.

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