How Your Lifestyle Can Help Your Engagement

Lifestyle design is a phrased coined around the internet by entrepreneur and nomads alike. ‘I’m designing my work around my lifestyle’ is a quote I often read. I on the other hand believe this phrase should be taken both ways. Sure we want to design out work around the lifestyle we want to lead into the future but we also need a lifestyle which complements our work productivity. The whole notion of someone partying until 3am then waking to check the bank balance of their online businesses before going back to party is pretty redundant long term in my opinion.

Designing your perfect lifestyle is in my honest opinion a two way street. In order to achieve the flexible lifestyle you desire you need to be engaged and the most engaged people have a lifestyle which PROMOTES this. It’s starting to get confusing hey?

It doesn’t matter whether your aspirations are to be self employed living in Barbados or the Director of a multinational business your lifestyle long term will either make or break you.

Here are five changes you can make to your lifestyle which will see your productivity and focus increase significantly.

Don’t get pissed every weekend:

Probably not the most eloquent term to use but hopefully it gets the point across. I’m not saying stop drinking, go tea total and devote yourself to your work. Not the case. I am however saying that having heavy night outs every single weekend is counterproductive in your productivity. I’m sure I am not the only one who has felt a little fuzzy on a Monday morning after a big night out on the Saturday? Truth be told on that occasion I was probably at work in physical form but my mind was elsewhere. In the office? Yes. Productive? No.

I’ve made changes to my lifestyle since then and although I still go out on these types of nights they are more sporadic. The notion of getting extremely drunk every weekend no longer appeals and also happens to help my productivity for work on Monday morning.

Eat Well:

Eating the good stuff is self explanatory. Not only is this great for your health but it also helps with your productivity. Eating significant amounts of junk food makes you tired and sluggish which will hinder you.  Furthermore having irregular snacks of crisps, chocolate and such will do the same.

In the past 2 years I’ve tried to eat well as often as possible which has increased my focus and productivity significantly. Your body and mind both feel good when you eat healthy, rewarding food and this shows in how you work.

Regular Sleeping Pattern:

I know there’s many who love to burn the midnight oil however I am well and truly in the club of the early worm. Having a regular sleeping pattern and having a long, interrupted sleep breed’s productivity.

Sleeping Pattern

Regular Sleeping Pattern

A lack of sleep will mean you lose focus quickly, find it hard to concentrate and your productivity will decrease significantly.

Having struggled with sleep in the past I adapted my sleeping pattern so that I was asleep early but awake early. Not only has this made me more productive it’s also helped with overall happiness. A good night’s sleep helps you be ready for the day ahead and it also puts a smile on your face.

Hit the gym:

Exercise is a huge friend of mine which helps feed my productivity indirectly. Whether it’s after work, at lunch time or before work exercise will help feed a number of the points mentioned to boost your productivity.

Those who exercise are less likely to spend all weekend drinking heavily, eating junk food and having poor sleeping patterns. Exercise essentially promotes a more happier, healthier and productive individual.

Researchers also suggest that exercise long term can directly impact your productivity as it can prevent the slowdown of your body producing less and less brain cells, enabling you to stay more productive for longer. (See this article)

Personally I see the subliminal effect exercise has on your overall lifestyle with the feeling of well being changing other areas of your lifestyle.

Exercising regularly keeps you focused and happy. There’s only sex which makes people happier so if you’re getting regular exercise and sexual intercourse your lifestyle and productivity are looking healthy.

Weekend Reading:

Use the weekend to improve your knowledge in your chosen field.

Use the weekend to improve your knowledge in your chosen field.

If you are career focused then you will have a vested passion in what you do. One of the main ways I have increased my productivity in my role is by reading career related blogs and tutorials at the weekend. Working in the digital industry things are ever changing so you need to read regularly to evolve, improve and adapt with the demands.

I spend an hour on the weekend catching up with my favourite blogs, reading about new releases and keeping my mind stimulated. This helps get you in the mind set for the week ahead and also may give you new ideas to implement when you get back to work. By doing this I am already filled with great ideas for the week ahead and by the time Monday comes I am ready to hit the ground running.

How has your lifestyle made you more engaged?

Have you made any changes to the way you live your life which has increased your productivity? Do you have any more tips which can really increase how productive we are in the workplace? Please let us know in the comments box below.

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I confess that I work to live rather than live to work. But when I can combine my passions into my work, I work best. This blog brings together discussions about one of my passions which is connecting people. I endeavour to fight the norm by chasing flexible working options and change seekers, hence my involvement with this blog. I'm fortunate to be connected with a global team at GAIA Insights. Retaining Gen Y within the workforce is an issue for most businesses across the globe. For help contact us because we know EXACTLY what they want from the workplace and we can help your business retain that key talent.


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