Office Space Of The Week: Brian Wong

This is the second of the series of office spaces we will feature every Wednesday on Generation Y Working. As a homeworker everybody strives for an excellent working space which breeds productivity. Open windows, comfortable chair, great equipment are all key ingredients to promote an excellent working environment.

Brian Wong is a professional Internet marketer and social media marketing expert. His online business ventures and websites generate a 7-figure income annually. You can find Brian through his official website and recently he has released a fantastic ipad application Better Goals a great app in management of life/work goals.

Brian’s office is his home. He works and lives in his apartment which is on the 45th floor. His apartment is a penthouse that faces the Petronas Twin Towers (once the tallest building in the world) in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Alan Wong Workspace 1

It’s a big whiteboard but Brian still wishes he  had more space!


A geek’s office would not be complete without some Star Wars stuff right? You can’t see it but there’s a lightsaber up there too.


Brian is using an iMac, linked to 2 other external monitors. He has just ordered the new MacBook Pro with retina display so we will have some updated pictures once his set up is reconfigured.


A view of the entrance

Alan Wong Workspace

The view from the office balcony. I thought I would save the best bit until last. Absolutely breathtaking views of  Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

In my opinion the office is a perfect office. It displays Brian’s personality, it’s elegant and it’s worked in. Furthermore the views of the city are incredible and are something I’d love to witness in person.

Special thanks to Brian for allowing me to showcase this amazing office.

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