Organisational Culture Can Change From The Bottom Up

Traditionally speaking the culture of an organisation is set by the CEO with a ripple effect from the hierarchy down. So, do you think it’s possible to change the culture from the bottom up?

I recently observed an organisation who, in an attempt to change culture, recruited three new admin officers. This tactic was an attempt to resolve some internal ‘storming’.

I wonder if these changes are sustainable. Will these changes trigger operational and managerial long term leadership?

To date this has resulted in the team focusing towards the task and what needs to be done. The team is starting to help one another more which is triggering some new ideas. But I can’t help but wonder is this sustainable, will it have a ripple effect on the organisation or will it remain at the operational level only?

I wonder if a change in the dynamics of an organisation’s operational team can alter the behaviours of middle and senior management. Or, I wonder if to seek long term change in organisational culture that an organisation needs to seek new managers?

I am interested to hear from others experiences.

  1. Have you observed a successful change from the bottom up?
  2. If so, have your managers continued to focus on the task at hand or are they forgetting the people balance?
  3. Do you think the only way to achieve a culture change is from the top down?


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