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Getting Shit Done Sunday…A Guide To Preparing For Your Week Ahead

Getting Shit Done Sunday

Sunday is the day of rest…or is it? The new Sunday is the day of preparation! The demands of work and the lifestyles we typically lead mean we edge towards convenience. But is convenience the answer? Hell no.

Sunday is the day that you should ‘get shit done’. If you’re serious about your lifestyle, making positive changes and advancing your career then use Sunday properly. Now don’t get me twisted i’m not telling you to start your day job work on a Sunday but what I am saying is prepare yourself for the week ahead. This is about getting your mind set correct for what is ahead and making the necessary arrangements so that you start with your working week with a bang.

‘But Sunday is my day off’ I hear you shout. I completely agree and some of the preparation is helping you get your lifestyle on the right track which In turn gives you a great start to the working week. How to prepare? I have the answers…

How to prepare:

Exercise Sunday:

Not only does this prepare you for the working week perfectly but it’s a superb psychological boost for those who exercise regularly. Having one work out in the bag by Sunday lunch time means you start the week in the right frame of mind. There’s nothing better than knowing you have already performed a workout routine by the end of Sunday before the week ‘technically’ begins.

Given this is a Sunday too you can make this one of your most physical and enduring work outs as you can tailor the rest of your day around it.

Unless you’re otherwise engaged I strongly recommend you start your Sunday with a work out. You’ll have an increased optimism and a spring in your step as a result.

Food preparation:
Preparing Office Snacks

The office job is the new go to guy to blame for the Obesity epidemic especially within the US. Sedentary office bound jobs have decreased our exercise day to day and led to many not leaving their desk throughout the working day.

Maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet is important for those in a desk job. Food preparation as a result of this is essential. Using Sunday as a food preparation point will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in the office environment.

In order to start my week in the right manner I prepare ‘office snacks’ on a Sunday so that I have things to grab when I’m working Monday to Friday.

Snacks which can be prepared:

: Boiled eggs are a great snack which can be prepared on a Sunday and kept in the fridge. Boiling a number of boiled eggs and snacking on them throughout the week means you maintain a healthy snack without moving towards the cookie jar.

: There’s an array of healthy bakes online now which can be superb snacks for the office. One favourite of mine is the Triple chocolate protein muffins by Dashing Dish. Not only are these healthy snacks but they are also protein packed and are great low calorie versions of typically unhealthy snacks. These can be baked on a Sunday and placed in freezer bags to last the week. A large enough batch can be eaten across the working week.

Sunday can really bring the creativity out of an individual and also maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle by preparing food options for the week ahead. Get yourself into a routine and make this preparation a staple of your Sunday. You wont regret it!

Research & Scheduling:

Sunday is also the day of research and reading. By using an hour on Sunday to research new ideas and read fresh blog posts gives you a real perspective and enthusiasm for the week ahead. By taking on new ideas and researching new subjects on a Sunday you will be excited to head to the office and implement them.

Secondly you may be full time employed and run your own blog. Research and scheduling for this could equally be completed on a Sunday. A friend of mine Ian Nuttall wrote a superb post about scheduling blog posts using Feedly and Buffer having read them on a Sunday. This is something I follow. Use Sunday as your reading day and then use a tool like Buffer to schedule tweets accordingly to further educate your social audience. This is also an excellent way to improve engagement and increase your social following.

Health/ Well being:

Hangover Sunday? Drinks in the local bar on a weekend to end the weekend? Late night? Are these things you commonly do on a Sunday? Say goodbye to this shit right now!

Health and well being is huge on the preparation list for a great working week. Ending the weekend with your health in pole position is a must. For me this includes no drinks on a Sunday, eating well and the most important one; getting a great nights sleep.

Ending your weekend with a great nights sleep is imperative. Try get to bed early and physically prepare for the working day. If your mind is at ease and you have a great nights sleep then you will be ready to tackle the week ahead.

Now get shit done:

Achieving at work and making the most of your working week begins on a Sunday. How you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally shapes your week ahead. Having a unprepared Sunday may mean you’re not in the right frame of mind for your week ahead. Missing a Sunday workout or not preparing snacks/food for the week gives you more to think about when the week begins which distracts you from the important factor in all this.

The end goal is productivity, achievement and results. Using your Sunday properly can help you reach all three of the goals.

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