Office Space Of The Week: Salman Suhail

Salman Suhail

This is the second of the series of office spaces we will feature every Wednesday on Generation Y Working. As a homeworker everybody strives for an excellent working space which breeds productivity. Open windows, comfortable chair, great equipment are all key ingredients to promote an excellent working environment.

This weeks addition is quite a contrast to the existing ones but Its another one I love. It’s the desk set up of UX designer Salman Qadeer. This desk setup was while he was working in Egypt at an Arabic search startup  Since then he has moved to Washington DC, where he currently work as Product Manager of Mobile Marketing at SoundBite Communications.  He also freelances as a UX / UI designer and is currently working on several iOS applications, and loves to participate in the local DC startup scene (which is where most of my home office work comes into play).
People can get in touch with him at or via his twitter handle.

What I love about this office space is the personality. The guitar to one side, the lava lamp to the other side. Salman’s love of music is further displayed through the speaker system attached to the wall. The office is his own personal space and his personality is shown throughout. It’s plain to see that this is Salman’s ideal work space.For the information around what is actually in the office Salman has kindly provided his office spec as followed:

1) 15″ Macbook Pro

2) 22 Inch LG Widescreen Monitor

3) Apple Wireless Keyboard

4) Lexema Wireless Mouse

5) Two Western Digital External Harddrives (WD MyBooks – a 750 GB and 500 GB)

6) SimpleTech 350 GB Harddrive

7) iPhone 4GB first gen (this photo was taken several years ago and this phone has since been replaced with an iPhone 4).

8) 4.1 Creative Speakers mounted to the wall.

9) Griffin Laptop Stand

10) Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

11) ESP LTD Electric (not shown)

Salman Suhail Offic Space-2



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