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How A Daily Dose Of Sex Can Keep You Stress Free While Working From Home!


Work can be stressful. Working from home is potentially more stressful. Dealing with the challenges of working remotely, not having a work colleague to bounce ideas off or merely speak to about something which is driving you nuts. I know you remote workers understand where I am coming from here. Despite the perks there are some things which prevent us from leading a stress free working life.

You might live in a pokey one bedroomed flat meaning your working conditions are less than ideal. Let’s be honest that’s pretty fucking stressful. Alternatively you might have a little puppy which was bought at Christmas as a rush of blood, impulse buy when you and the lady were in festive love. Again this is pretty stressful when the little dude needs letting out every half hour.

Ultimately our success and failure of remote working stems to how we deal with stress. Personally I’m quite a relaxed guy. Stress doesn’t get to me and I guess I relieve the classic symptoms of stress by dealing with the problems before they arise.

I have a dedicated office space, I exercise regularly, I take measured regular breaks and maintain a lunch break at all times. Further to this I work in a light and airy home office space. These are classic ways in which you can reduce the stress before it even begins. You are more than likely to be stressed if you are working in crap surroundings whereas if your surroundings are comfortable then stress levels should also be comfortable.

But one ingredient has arisen in my mind which most people overlook. Instead of spending your time pimping your home office space why not spend some time with your companion and have good old fashioned sex.

‘Sex is pretty awesome’. Most would agree with this statement right? But what if sex also helped remove the stress of working life and more commonly working from home life? Well to be honest with you it does. Not only is sex enjoyable it’s also a MASSIVE stress blaster. Look at Hugh Hefner. He’s a pretty stress free guy….WHYYYY? Because he has a lot of sex. Let me remove my comedy wig for a minute and really look into the details. Working from home removes the typical ‘water cooler’ moments. The general ‘guy chat’ moments when you talk about the stuff guys dream of and never actually have happen.

Sex is always viewed as a taboo subject when in reality we should be promoting sex as a natural stress release. Given you work from home your relationship with your partner should indeed be stronger and thus sex should be one of the first things on the nightly calendar. It’s all good watching the latest Television series and getting excited over the finale of the Killing. I did too I thought it was great. But let’s have a reality check and get back on topic. We all look for the latest devices, gadgets, herbal remedies for relaxation and the washing away of the day when a slobber knocker intercourse session may just be the answer.

Let’s look at the minor details of why a regular sexy time night can help with stress.

How sex can help with stress?:

– A good sex life reduces blood pressure

– Research points to the sedative and relaxing effect of oxytocin and other endorphins.

– Masturbation can aid a restful sleep. It’s extremely common for people to masturbate at night.

– A good sex life reduces prostate problems if you are a man.

– An orgasms can relieve migraine headaches.

Having sex, going at it, bumping uglies, doing the horizontal bop or whatever term you use to describe it is not just gods way of us keeping the family chain going, nor is it just a way of having incredible enjoyment. The world discovered sex as a way to reduce stress a long time ago yet we often overlook it. Instead of sipping on your herbal tea and reading a book allocate time to spend with one another. Enjoy the moment and reap the rewards of a better relationship and ultimately a better working life as that stress will be gone and you will be walking with a nice SPRING in your step.

Get it on today!

About the author

Ryan Gibson

Hey! I'm a 28 year old digital marketing guy residing in Leeds, England. My skill is in search marketing and I have gathered over 6 years experience of working on large multilingual campaigns for a number of FTSE 250 Organisations. After accepting a role with a business based in Singapore I began questioning traditional business practice and employee retention. This blog GenerationY.com was therefore born with focus on Y in the workplace. A millennial child at heart I aim to provide a voice for the 'misunderstood' generation and my goal is simply to change perception and corporate mind set on work/life attitudes; inspiring companies and individuals to seek change.


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