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Generation Y

Generation Y is not just a fancy term applied by HR departments to an age group they cannot determine, it’s a way of life. A new way of working is upon us and there are those who continue to embrace the status quo served up to us by corporate organisations worldwide or there are those who want to discover a new attitude to work, a new way of working and smarter ways of thinking.

Are you sitting at your workstation right now thinking there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing? Do you really have to be in the same office as the girl who values work productivity by the amount of emails she sends? The answer is probably no. You are better than this.

I often spend time thinking the exact same thoughts. Is there more to life than working in this office which closely resembles a rabbit warren, a place of constantly jumping down a different rabbit hole to find out the mood of the day, which decisions are going to be made and which ones will be distractions from the real productivity? Sure the office is ok. I enjoy my colleagues company, the coffee is bearable, and I am disciplined to always go on a big walk at lunch times, but ultimately is our life goal just to be in a job which is ok? The answer is most probably no. If you are reading this then you are already halfway to the finish line! Why? Because your mind set is in the right place. You seek a more balanced lifestyle, less structure and more focus on the core outputs of your involvement in an organisation. You wouldn’t be reading Generation Y if that was the case.

This blog is for more than the working human who seeks the change in their working life. Partially this is a nudge to those organisations that persist with a rigid structure and fail to incentivise those members of staff who could be core to the development of the business. This is a note to them to say ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ we are in a new age of working. Attendance in the office five days a week should not be the norm. Working hours should not be set by the masses and opportunities should not just be given just to those with experience in the organisation. This is a nudge to those organisations to provide people with the platform to excel at work by structuring work around their lifestyle. Allowing them the flexibility to work at the height of their productivity and most of all delighting them to improve staff retention and morale.

This is a blog for the organisation, for the individual and for the manager. I would say this is more a movement towards a smarter way of working for those in positions which allow it. We are in an ever advancing digital age where restrictions are a thing of the past. Provide freedom to your workers and reap the rewards.

What will you find here?

Generation Y aims to inspire change in corporations and individuals worldwide through the ethos attached to the gen y tag. Focus will be placed on productivity tips, lifestyle design advice, ways to find a work/life balance while still delivering and remote work opportunities. Real life examples of those embracing a generation y focused lifestyle through interviews and office space reviews will also be found.

Generation Y’s primary goal is to inspire belief into those seeking this lifestyle change and work towards a more tailored working life. My own Generation Y characteristics will be focal points throughout the website. These areas are:

  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle Design
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Remote Working
  • Real Life Examples and Interviews
  • Travel and
  • Family

Find out more information and insightful posts around each area by read through the Generation Y Blog.

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