The Traditionalists (born 1922 – 1945)

This group survived the Great Depression of the 1930s and a World War that shaped today’s political, economic and military powers. Patriotism, rules of conduct, discipline, respect for authority and following directions mark this generation. Given the devastating aftermath of the Depression and World War I in combination with the hardship faced in World War II, people also had to learn to work together and to focus on the task at hand to rebuild their lives as well as their economies.They simply rolled up their sleeves and did what had to be done, which over time resulted in huge accumulated wealth, including financial savings, real estate and business ownership.

Traditionalist employees are the keepers of an organization’s history, of its founding goals and beliefs. A lot of large corporations have senior board members or directors who are Traditionalists and who still set the tone of a company’s culture. As with all generations, their personal values and leadership styles directly reflect their experiences during the defining years of their lives. View Values and Attributes of Traditionalists here

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