Virtual Reality’s Appeal To Generation Z

GenZ — a ready market for virtual reality

Will Virtual Reality Appeal to Gen Z? “Like bees to honey says our Generation Z Expert?

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I recently connected with John Miley of the Kiplinger Letter who wanted to know how Virtual Reality (VR) would appeal to Generation Z.  My reaction? Like bees to honey!  Having the ability to ‘travel,’ ‘tour’ and ‘experience’ without leaving their room will sound like an outstanding proposition to them.  Gen Z, particularly gamers, are already experiencing VR yet VR delivers so much more:  incredibly entertaining, deeply emotional, educationally interactive intense experiences that Gen Z will embrace.  Imagine what VR will do for college tours! (Photo: Urban Outfitters).

Gen Z _The Kiplinger Letter

From The Kiplinger Letter

In this issue: The coming of car apps, car apps and more car apps. Drones in urban areas. Robo-writing software. Generation Z — a ready market for virtual reality.

Much of virtual reality’s long-term success will hinge on Generation Z, the cohort of people currently 17 years old and younger. They’ll be in their 20s and 30s as VR becomes commonplace. The good news for the VR industry? Gen Z-ers will likely be a receptive bunch. “Already they practically live and operate virtually,” says Nancy Nessel, who studies the group as the founder of“Having the ability to ‘travel,’ ‘tour’ and ‘experience’ without leaving their room will sound like an outstanding proposition to them.” VR companies will have to overcome challenges, though. Gen-Zers can be frugal and unaffected by traditional marketing, so it will take quality VR experiences to win them over.

Nessel says that Gen Z-ers, especially gamers, are very receptive to new tech and are fast learners. Just as social media has created new jobs for millennials, the VR industry will likely be a source of jobs for Gen Z-ers.

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Nancy Nessel

Nancy has keen behavioral insight and generational foresight, fueling her interest in different generations and their unique preferences. She is a progressive thought-leader and intelligent blogger about Generation Z, the next generation following Gen Y. Managing a career in consumer marketing plus two Gen Z kids of her own, Nancy is one of the premiere marketers to study and promote this "digital generation" of future talent.

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