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When Was The Last Time Your Executive Board Gave A Standing Ovation To Gen Y Talent?

Gen Y Talent Magnum Program Graduates | Millenials

There are never two days the same here at GAIA Insights, but every now and then, we have a really special day. The 3rd June was one of those.

On 3rd June, we celebrated the graduation of a program GAIA Insights run for one of our clients, global port terminal operator APM Terminals. 19 participants representing 16 nationalities from across the world completed an 18-month accelerated leadership program designed and executed by GAIA Insights. Graduates presented to the company’s Senior Management Team the outcome of five real-life business projects they had been working on for the duration of one year as part of the program and what each of them had learned during their individual development journey. The tangible results of productivity gains and business development opportunities as well as the depth of the graduates’ personal growth impressed the senior leaders to the extent that they gave them a standing ovation at the end of the graduation ceremony. At GAIA Insights, we are proud of having engineered what participants’ call a “life changing experience”.

Read GAIA Insights client’s press release here.

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