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Remote Working Security; Wi-Fi Finder iPhone & Android App Review

As a home or remote worker you have complete control of your own availability. When you work within the office environment if the company internet connection goes offline then you can go grab a coffee and wait for the connection to come back on. It’s a company known issue and everyone will be experiencing the same problem.

If however you are a remote worker then you are in control of your own attendance. If your internet connection is running poorly or you cannot get online then it’s your problem. Sure the company may have a little bit of leniency in your working hours if something like this occurs but they will still EXPECT you to get online.

Wi-Fi zones (and free ones) are becoming more ready available throughout the globe which are a welcome back up plan for remote workers. If your stable internet connection goes down the plan then you need an alternative. Coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, fast food chains and so forth are all beginning to offer free WIFI as another incentive for visiting their establishment. This is a dream for home workers/remote workers.

There are heaps of websites which offer great lists of available Wi Fi zones http://www.myhotspots.co.uk and  http://www.hotspotfinder.thecloud.net are great UK options however most are country specific or lacking updates. What’s required is a complete solution globally which deals with the WIFI availability collectively. Step up the WI-FI Finder app.

WI-FI Finder App

wifi finderJiWire Production have really stepped up to the mark with their application available on both iPhone and Android (who hasn’t got a phone which runs either of the mentioned platforms?).  It’s the complete solution for finding paid and unpaid hotspot zones GLOBALLY. Yes Globally. Whether you’re a home worker looking for spots near where you live or a travelling nomad who wants digital spots right around the globe this tool will match your needs.

The tool actually services over 144countries worldwide which in my mind is quite a lot. Strutting your stuff on a beach in Thailand and wanting to Skype the family back home? No problem. The app will find you a zone quite easily. Furthermore the data is user submitted so if you discover an awesome zone then you can quite easily add it to the app for both your own memory and other Nomad’s memories. Neat right?

If you already have a WIFI connection then the app works simply based on your location and finds alternative spots around you. It brings them up in a nice little map format and can be filtered by free and paid versions. If the map interface is not for you then you can use a standard ‘list’ view which in my opinion works much better. It’s simpler to indentify all the hotspot zones and choose which one is more suitable. This is not to say the map version is poor…far from it I just have stubby fingers.

But I haven’t got an internet connection

Now here’s the game changing option. The beauty and I mean BEAUTY of the Wi-Finder is that it operates in offline mode meaning you do not need an internet connection to tap into its extensive database. As soon as you download the app there is an ‘add on file’ option which gives you the opportunity to access and download the offline database.

‘But is this going to hammer my smart phone memory?’

Here’s the awesome part.  The offline database add on file is only 12mb meaning it takes up minimal space on your phone and gives you access to the 500,000 and counting hotspot zones available. On a business trip and cannot find an internet connection to send an important email? Please do not panic the


Map View of Wifi Zones

app will find you hotspot zones in a split second based on your location.

User Generated Submissions

The further success of this tool and the exciting part about this application is the user generated submissions feature. As a user of the tool you can easily add to the database which will be available to all users. The offline database is also regularly refreshed with new updates. Sure the file size will get larger but do we really give a shit if we are getting more wifi zones? With the file sitting pretty at a meagre 12mb even if it doubles/trebles/quadruples in size it’s going to make a minor dent in your phone capacity.

New additions can be seen as nothing but positive for the active users of the app. We should embrace this feature.

Childs Play

Wi-fi finder has a great interface, is fast and very easy to use. I’m not much of an app fan yet I mastered this within minutes and pulled up some great Wifi hotspots I wasn’t aware of near my home. This tool is great for everyone yet as a home or remote worker I recommend you download it as soon as possible. You never know when you may be in a situation where your connection dies and you need a local place on your doorstep to save your working day.

For those remote workers travelling the globe then this tool is a game changer. Why spend time trying to find Wifi zones when you can tap your location into the app and have them provided back to you.

If you are neither of the above and just need to know where you can grab a good coffee and surf the web then the app is also for you. To summarise its pretty simple….it’s just a very, very good app.

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