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Great leadership can be described as “absolute love and devotion for the people who committed their lives” to something. This quote by Simon Sinek during a recent interview resonated a lot with me.

Based on my experience, great leadership means caring about the people you lead, wanting to see them shine and grow, being mindful of what is important to them, connecting with them heart and soul.

Great leaders will prove they care about their people daily – simply by acting it out. Not just once or twice, they will consistently do small, almost imperceptible actions. Every. Single. Day. Looking people in the eye when they speak; listening deeply and considering others’ perspectives – even if they disagree; responding thoughtfully to what others ask or need. There are many ways to show someone that you care. Think about how people treat you and leave you feeling “this person truly cares about me”. Considering the impact of those consistent caring behaviors you receive, don’t you feel compelled to live up to them, and to be worthy of more caring behaviors?

Consistency is an essential trait of great leadership – you prove that you genuinely care about people when you do small acts of service every single day.

By doing that, great leaders nurture courage, which means being brave enough to show up and face the hardship of daily challenges. Great leaders surround themselves with a network of people who will support each other through rough times, people who believe in them – even when they lose their confidence. Courage means to tell your truth, even if you know it will not make you popular; to allow yourself to open up and be vulnerable; to speak up when you witness or experience unfairness or disrespect. Remember the last time you did something courageous, how did people respond? And how did that make you feel?

Quoting Simon Sinek again, “courage comes from the support we feel from others (…) when you feel that someone has your back”.

When great leaders have people’s back, they foster an environment of trust, which in turn sparks people’s courage and authenticity. People feel safe to be themselves when they trust the people around them, when they sense there will be no negative consequences of sharing who they are. By speaking their mind; by leveraging their strengths; by showing up without wearing a mask to work. Both consistency and courage help people do that, even more so if they are role modeled by the leader they look up to. How does trust look to you? What do people do that makes you trust them?

In essence, great leaders generate strong and deep relationships between inspired people who care.

In today’s world, companies are concerned with sustainability, respecting the planet, delighting customers and having happy and engaged employees – and for all this to become real we need great leaders because they will care and inspire others to care alongside with them. Great leaders apply consistency, courage and caring to make sure the people and businesses they work for, contribute to improve the world. They want to serve a purpose they believe in, which fuels them with the necessary energy to do the best they can every day.

People who care about the people they lead, will not only help them become a better version of themselves, they will also inspire them to become better leaders. And that’s what this world desperately needs.

And now, my dear reader, to be consistent with the principle of being the change we want to see, I challenge you to take a moment and reflect on the following questions:

  • What is the purpose that inspires you?
  • How do you foster deep and meaningful relationships?
  • How do you actively create an environment of trust?
  • What was the most courageous thing you did recently?
  • When was the last time you had someone’s back?
  • How do you show people around you that you genuinely care for them?

You can learn more about becoming a great leader in our ASPIRE programs powered by GAIA Insights. This post was inspired by Simon Sinek’s interview with Tom Bilyeu and by my amazing leaders at GAIA Insights who encourage me to be a great leader every day.

Information about the author Valeria Torino can be read below. Furthermore, you can read about Valeria, Program Mentor on the GAIA Insights website here 

About the author

Valeria Torino

Valeria Torino, Program Mentor at GAIA Insights, has always been a curious, adventurous spirit who wanted to see the world and had a strong passion to help others. After obtaining a degree in Industrial Engineering, Valeria set out to explore international management consulting as a means to help people with business challenges, initially based in her native Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the past 20 years, Valeria has been working with a few boutique consultancies and some larger ones. Her language capabilities have been helpful in connecting with people in the countries and regions where she has worked for far: fluent Spanish, English, Portuguese, and a bit of Italian. Valeria has also gone through an entrepreneurial stage with the desire to make a difference in the training consulting marketplace. This experience has been a very intense and interesting part of her journey, during which she learned a lot about starting a business and about herself as a leader and, above all, as a human being. Connected to her own life-long quest to become the best version of herself, she has joined GAIA Insights to help others in that transformational endeavor. Her life was not short of challenges, and Valeria has always turned to self-reflection to deal with adversity, to learn from difficult times and to grow as a human being. Both therapy and meditation are spaces for her to reconnect with herself and gain both perspective and insight. Her curiosity to travel the world and her desire to live in Europe have brought her to Madrid, where she is currently enjoying lovely new people in her life, beautiful landscapes, amazing food and lifestyle.

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