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Laura Hong, Public Relations Graduate Student, Staff Writer At CC2K, And Web Editor At Blue Lyra Review, Based In The US.

Laura Hong, Public Relations graduate student, Staff Writer at CC2K, and Web Editor at Blue Lyra Review, based in the US.

Laura, what do you consider typical characteristics of your generation?
We are adaptable, tech savvy, and quick learners. When there is a problem, we don’t sit there and wait for a solution. Whether it’s doing a Google search or simply asking others for help, we adapt to our problems and face them head on. When we can’t find a job for instance, we create our own opportunities by starting blogs and websites, networking online and offline, and creating our own businesses. That’s what also makes us multi-taskers and jack-of-all-trades, ready to take on new challenges and skills rather than lie down in defeat. I guess that makes us very prideful, but idealistic too because we really do believe we can change the world as long as we tread forward.

What historic events, values or philosophies have influenced you most to become the person you are today?
In recent years I’ve become a huge comic book reader, my favorite being Green Lantern because of its philosophy. Its basis lies in the idea that willpower will always triumph fear. As long as you have the strength to will yourself, you can do anything, be anyone, and conceive of the impossible. Whenever I’m afraid to accomplish a task, I always remember that fear can’t really harm me. It can only limit my potential to be extraordinary, and who doesn’t want to be extraordinary?

What do you expect from corporate leadership in today’s business world?
Trust, teamwork, and the openness to try new things. I don’t want a manager who tells me what to do and oversees every aspect of it. I expect a leader who can inspire engagement, and offer guidance, collaboration, and the opportunity for growth. This is what leads to innovation and development.

Laura Hong, Public Relations graduate student, Staff Writer at CC2K, and Web Editor at Blue Lyra Review, based in the US.

Laura Hong, Public Relations graduate student, Staff Writer at CC2K, and Web Editor at Blue Lyra Review, based in the US.

What engages you most in the workplace and makes you go the extra mile?
The feeling I am part of a team rather than someone who is dispensable. I want to know that what I do every day and what I can contribute matters. To work with teammates who acknowledge each other, and to share the vision and passion on a project we’re working on, that is what makes me go the extra mile. Teamwork makes the dream work.

What kind of development opportunities do you expect to be offered by your employer?
Training, mentorship, diverse projects, business conferences, and the opportunity for reverse mentoring.

What is your preferred way to communicate in the workplace?
I prefer a blend of face-to-face, email, and Google Chat. We’re innately social, so choosing just one way to communicate wouldn’t be efficient or productive. I like small face-to-face meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page about tasks and goals. Email to get quick, but clear messages across, and Google Chat for simple questions and answers.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career and why?
My older brother. Growing up, there was only one path that meant success: Go to college, get the right degree, get a job, and make money. There was no room for second-guessing, which meant you had to know what you wanted to do. My brother was my safety net. He convinced me choose my own path, make my own decisions, and block out those who didn’t understand. Today, I couldn’t be any happier with my career path and who I’ve become, which took some soul-searching. I couldn’t have done any of it without his confidence in me.

What are the priorities during this phase of your life?
Do what I enjoy and keep chasing my dreams, while maintaining a work-life balance. After all, I have learned that my dreams may not lead me where I expect to go, but they always lead me to some place good. My career has only begun, therefore I find it essential to put my positive thinking and enthusiasm to good use now rather than later.

Please complete this sentence: For me, my job is…
… one that aligns with my personal goals and passions, and contributes to making a difference in the world.

What do you wish your colleagues from other generations would know about Gen Y?
Like any other generation, no two individuals are alike in Gen Y. However, I like to believe we’re a passionate, motivated bunch who is always trying to reach for the stars. We may be the generation known for job-hopping every two years or so, but the fact of the matter is we’re all just trying to find our footing. Once the right job comes along, which aligns with our passions and ambitions, we’ll be there for the long run and we’ll be one of the greatest assets yet.

Thank you, Laura, for these valuable insights!

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